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コンビニ – Japanese Convenience Stores

Jorja and I were gushing over our shared experiences with Japanese convenience stores, and thought it would be a great idea to share them with you guys.


People say Japan is a very expensive place to have a holiday in. Despite the Australian dollar and Japanese Yen being on par at the time (110 yen to 1 AUD), I kept this in mind. I knew about Japanese convenience stores from learning and stories from LOTE classes, but it wasn’t till I experienced them myself that I realised how great these corner stores are.

You might be thinking – convenience store, but they jack up the price?! Wrong. Japanese convenience stores are much more than a place to get a drink and a quick snack. They’re full-service supermarkets in their own right, complete with ready-to-go food and everyday supplies.

That’s where I fell in love with konbini’s. You can get a decent meal on a budget. It’s not cheap quality stuff – it’s really good! A meal that I can never forget is chicken karage with rice. Plus drink, all for 500 yen. 500 YEN!!! At one point I bought two and kept one in the fridge for the next day.

There are other foods too for your liking, so don’t rule out konbinis if you’re travelling in Japan. They’re the best way to have a feed on a budget.


I’ve had really good experiences with them.

On one trip to the 7/11, the cashier was really impressed when I said “hai” after he asked if I wanted my food heated. I found it very funny, considering that’s about it for my Japanese language skills!

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